Lucas Ballard

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Personal History

Born in 2474 on the planet Priam in the Georgia system, Lucas was the third son of Stephen and Elanor. His two older brothers were named Mitchell and Joshua. After death of his mother in 2482, the whole family moved to the town of Serenity View on Hera and worked as farmers. Lucas began to learn how to be a pilot during that time, as he would often fly on short hops with the garden haulers who would fly produce around the system.

In 2493, Lucas received a scholarship to the Albion Science Academy and left Hera. Studied terraforming under Dr. Karrin Blackstone. After graduating in 2503 with his PhD, he began working for Dr. Blackstone as her personal field assistant associated with the Albion Science Academy and the Alliance Terraformation Authority. They traveled in a Kepler Science Vessel he piloted named Sidekick to planets throughout the 'Verse scheduled for terraformation, as well as many other locations throughout the 'Verse that were of geological significance.

Near the end of the Unification War in 2511, Drs Ballard and Blackstone disappeared, believed caught in fighting and lost somewhere on The Border. His father and brothers fought for the Independents during the war, and we're presumed killed in action at the Battle of Serenity Valley. Years later, Dr. Ballard resurfaced, captain of another Kepler named Blackrock. Rumor has it that they had been attacked by Reavers back in 2511 and that Captain Ballard was the only survivor. However the Alliance Government officially and steadfastly denies the existence of Reavers, so Captain Ballard is currently wanted by Alliance authorities on Albion on suspicion of the murder of Dr. Blackstone.

He prefers to carry a personal sidearm in a concealed shoulder holster, a personal sidearm that is unregistered and unique. It is a custom made handgun made by an unknown Alliance Military contractor for special use by Alliance Operatives. It was stolen by unknown parties, and eventually sold to Captain Ballard by the notorious gangster and black market weapons dealer Uncle Fun. The shoulder holster is distinct, in that it is decorated with designs of two golden Chinese dragons, one over each shoulder strap. It is rumored that the gun is named shàngdì zhī quán, or "Fist of God". For more information on this weapon, click here.

Physical Appearance

Lucas Ballard is just shy of 2 meters tall, with a thin, angular body. He has a head full of dark hair that is often unkempt. As of 2513, his face is host to a number of scars, especially on the left side due to the severe beatings that he received during his captivity at the hands of slavers. He has no other distinguishing marks.

Oct 05Lucas Ballard is born on Priam
Moved to Hera
Left Hera to accept scholarship to Science Academy on Albion
May 18Graduated Albion Science Academy with PhD in Terraformation science
Jun 15Began partnership with Dr. Karrin Blackstone, conducting field research for planets undergoing terraformation
Nov 17Lucas and Dr. Blackstone visit Miranda
Feb 9Formation of the Coalition of Independent Colonies Cite Symbol Web.png 
Apr 12Beginning of the Unification War
May 3Ship attacked by Reavers. Dr. Blackstone, crew and passengers killed, Dr. Ballard survives
Sep 20Unification Day. End of Unification War
May 7Captured by slavers. Death of First Mate Christos Soteropolous
May 29Acquires new crewmembers: Whatitiri Hoani, Turlough Murphy, and Josiah Rawlins
July 2Takes ownership of Sampan Viggo and renames it Bento Box
Events of the Cite Symbol Firefly.png Firefly television series

Ships Owned:

Blackrock Kepler Light-Bulk Science Vessel Ballestra Shipwrights 2511-Present
Bento Box Sampan Light-Bulk Transport Hsigo Aerospace 2513-Present
Rock Jumper Pilgrim Mid-Bulk Freighter Allied Spacecraft Corp. 2514-Present
Bitter Pill Shu Fu Light-Bulk Transport Hsigo Aerospace 2515-Present

Crew members (past and present):

Known associates:

Last Known Location:

Favorite foods:

  • Cookies
  • Anything with noodles
  • Paw-paw fruit

Anything else of interest:

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