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The first child of Alliance Major General Andrea Stiles and Frank Arrow, Julia was born with a love of, and affinity for, machines. Her next two siblings were also born on Boros, until her mother received the wartime promotion that brought the family to Ariel. Once there, she was accepted as an engineering student at the University on Osiris, but soon flunked out. Instead, she turned to fixing engines. Her name spread through the world, and then onto others.

When the request for help came from Hera after the battle of Serenity Valley, Julia joined the relief effort. While there, she managed to reassemble a working Komodo-class ship, and acquire the first of her crew, although she hedges around speaking of how they met, and why they work together. It has been recently registered, and is ready to fly.

Roleplay Facts



  • Father: Frank Arrow
  • Mother: Andrea Stiles
  • Siblings: Richard Arrow, Joseph Arrow, Stephanie Arrow


  • Skills: Pilot, mechanic, inventor
  • Combat Strategy? Non-combat
  • Preferred Weapon: N/A


Name Class First Mate Story
Dauntless Komodo Lady Ching "Fly It Well"
Ship 2 [class] [bio] [story]


Jonathan Tait

Alias(es): None known
Position: Ship Medic
Joined Crew: 2515

Story / [Discussion]
Birth Planet: Shadow
Birth Date: June 7, 2473
War Service: Browncoat Field Medic
  • Held as a Prisoner of War after the Independents surrendered
  • Left leg was amputated during Unification; uses a robotic prosthesis
Nathaniel Wei

Alias(es): None known
Position: Companion
Joined Crew: 2515

Story / [Discussion]
Birth Planet: Dyton
Birth Date: January 18, 2497
War Service: N/A
  • Kidnapped by slavers after his parents died in a raid on Dyton
  • Came to Companion training a few years late (at 14), but picked up the curriculum quickly


Game Facts


Name Class Acquired
Nightwing Sandfly Cortex Purchase
Santa Maria Pilgrim Cortex Purchase
Sunstone Shu Fu Cortex Purchase
Tigre Sampan Cortex Purchase
Viscerion Kepler BDH early registration


Name Class Position Acquired Savvy Specialty
Julia Arrow [class] Captain Created [savvy] [specialty]
Lady Ching [class] First Mate Created [savvy] [specialty]
Crew Member 2 [class] [pilot, etc] [planet, city, etc] [savvy] [specialty]
Crew Member 3 [class] [pilot, etc] [planet, city, etc] [savvy] [specialty]
Crew Member 4 [class] [pilot, etc] [planet, city, etc] [savvy] [specialty]


Faction Rating
Blue Sun [rating]
Central System Security [rating]
Grizwald Wunderbar [rating]
Lei Shen [rating]
Shining Dao [rating]
The Teahouse [rating]
Trader's Guild [rating]


  • Cortex Ranking (game release):
  • BP (game release):
Cards Collected Vanity Items Badges
Series 1: 105/105 Independent's Wall Flag Irregular's Badge
Series 2: 105/105 Leather Captain's Chair Independent General Badge
Series 3: 110/110 Blue Sun Dartboard Epic Badge
Epics: 8/25 Jayne Hat Cardshark 1 - 3 Badge (Master, Supreme)
Jayne Shirt Big Damn Hero Badge
Independent's Badge
Navigator I - IV


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