Cortex Bio Instructions

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Examples of completed bios:
Option 1: Allister Mac Cortex Bio Option 2: TestBio

Welcome! Please make sure you are logged into the Wiki before proceeding. The sign-in is under the Personal menu at the top. If you have issues you may wish to check the home page for additional information on signing-in. For specific questions or edits contact LOE_Frey.

All FFO players are asked to create a Cortex Bio, think of it as a rolodex and jumping on point for access to information about our captains, even those who did not survive the Reavers! If every captain would putt in a small amount of information it will be great and we thank you! This guide will get you started and help create a profile in minutes. This is the instruction and template page for your Short Character Bio. It is a brief reference intended to be a sample file kept by the Alliance on you and your dealings as Captain. think of it as an opportunity to role play, offering people a chance to see what the Alliance knows of your Captain.

First you will need to sign into the wiki using the PERSONAL menu at the top of the screen. The username and password are the same as that on the Firefly Online forum. If you have an _ or similar character you may not get access and will need to speak with an Admin first.

OPTION 1: For individuals who already have a shiny bio created and simply want to link to it. You are encouraged to do the full bio and link it to yours but the choice is yours. You can always go back and switch.

OPTION 2: For Captains that either wish to use this to complete their bio and don't have the time to write up lengthy story or those that have one and just want it to look complete and link to their main page.

I recommend you open two tabs, one to view this page and another in which to edit your wiki.

Name your new wiki page via this convention: Name Cortex Bio Name is the name your captain uses without rank (no captain in front or back) and it could be first or last name, 3 names however you are known. Example: Allister Mac Cortex Bio

To create a page , first type the page name in the search box, then click on the red link to create the page it should appear like this: Create the page "XXXXXX" on this wiki! Also see the search results found. Feel free to hit save at the bottom once you have the page to keep it and Edit at the top to access it again.

To make your page now go to Option 1 or Option 2 depending on which you wish to do. If you want more information on the functions built in, keep reading until you reach the options.

How the template will react to your input/Customizing the Bio references for Option 2

First, I would recommend you do not put anything in a "heading" or "title heading" tab so everyone's bio looks the same, however that is your decision. The headings should be self-explanatory from the naming. There are a couple of pieces of information you will need to understand based on what will happen when you fill in information. Nearly everything with and H, should have “heading” in the name, will offer multiple functions/requirements. An example will be easiest. Take “heading risk” and subheading “risk”, they work together directly and indirectly. There are 3 options when used. If you leave heading risk blank (|heading risk= ) but put something in (|risk=whatever you type) You will get Risk Level: whatever you like. Because the heading risk defaults to Risk . Next, you put (|heading risk=Confirmed Kills) and (|risk=too many) it will show Confirmed Kills: too many. If you leave both blank (|heading risk= ) and (|risk= ) nothing will show in that spot it will be as if next was never intended to be there. Each single heading/subheading will work that way. Remember you don’t need the () they are simply for reference. Simply type something in hit preview and see what you think. Right now main headings (larger fonts) will appear if any 1 of the sub-fields are active, but you can change the headings. FINGERPRINT is the image, you can change it to a small image or put in a character to remove it such as ID Not Found. The notes field and a few with extra space below will allow you to use the return code (go down one line) this is done by putting a:


Adding links require you surround the name of the page with "[[ ]]" (no quotes). If you want to link something you need the exact page name you link to. If you want to display something else that is fine. This will link to that wiki page if you want the person to see Mac but link to that page add a pipe (vertical line usually shift of the \ key) then what you want them to see. Any thing you add can be linked if you use the brackets above. If you want to add such a link to another spot just add brackets around the name of the new page. You can use this for ships ,for example.

|ship 1=[[Serenity]]     will display:  Serenity, and link to the page called Serenity
|ship 1=[[Serenity|My Firefly]]    will display:  My Firefly, and link to the page called Serenity


Option 1: Short Bio linked to yours showing a reference that the Alliance file is missing and is redirecting to a new source.

If you have a separate Character sheet already completed and wish to use it, you are almost done already! This will show just a link to yours. You can still use this bio and link to yours to provide even MORE information! All you will need is the exact title of your current wiki page, i.e.: Allister Mac .

  • Copy And Past the following into your new wiki page:
{{Template:Bio Cortex Background
|empty link=XXXX
  • Replace the XXXX with the name of your page. If you wish it to display another name as the link reference use the following sytax:
name|displayed name
Ex:  |empty link=Allister Mac|Best Captain in the Verse

This will link to the Allister Mac page but display Best Captain in the Verse to click.


Option 2: Customizable Alliance Cortex File (with or without links to other pages.)

  • Copy and paste the following into your new wiki. Do NOT delete any of the functions listed. If not used they will simply end after each "=" Do NOT change the first 4 items in the list. Anything in the top have without "heading" or "title heading" before it will keep the descriptor in front of it such as "Name:" "Age:" "Last Known Location:" You simply replace the text after the = and delete the key letters after the = in the corresponding heading i.e.: "heading name=" If you wish to change the heading from say Name: to Handle: just make the heading name=Handle and you are set. To use the base set of descriptors just delete everything after the = on any "heading/title heading".

Option 2 Code - Copy and Paste

{{Template:Bio Cortex Background

<!-- This section is for the item detail.  Detailing the basic bio it will be what appears after :   i.e.- |name=YOUR INFO HERE shows Name: YOUR INFO HERE     If any topic blank after = it will disappear from display in the bio.  Links can be added or customized.-->

|empty link=
|risk level=
|birth place=
|ship 1=
|ship 2=
|ship 3=
|crew 1=
|crew 2=
|crew 3= 
|passenger 1= 
|passenger 2=
<!-- The next two are images and can be links or text if preferred, leaving fingerprint blank will keep the fingerprint image unless edited.-->

<!--Items listed as "heading xxxx" are the specific category such as "Name:"  While "title heading xxx" is the section such as "Compliment"  These can all be customized as well and if nothing is changed it will default to the listed heading.  If both no specific designation is provided and the default is not changed nothing will be displayed for that heading.  If no designations or headings are given for any section of a title heading.  The entire section will not display.-->

|title heading report=
|title heading notes=
|heading last assignment=
|heading ships=
|heading details=
|heading orders=
|heading name=
|heading code=
|heading status=
|heading risk level=
|heading rank=
|heading alias=
|heading sex=
|heading age=
|heading dod=
|heading vitality=
|heading location=
|heading associates=
|heading photo=
|heading birth place=
|heading ship 1=
|heading ship 2=
|heading ship 3=
|heading profession=
|heading fault=
|heading assignment=
|heading notes=
|heading crew 1=
|heading crew 2=
|heading crew 3=
|heading passenger 1=
|heading passenger 2=
|heading update=
|heading by=
|heading bp=
|heading report=
|heading compliment=


  • Variables Key:

Syntax is still: |variable=your text/link/image or For an image just upload it to the forum gallery and use the http address, keep the size limited to about 100Wx150H Pixels. )

Color/font etc. can be adjusted, if you wish this customization contact LOE_Frey in the forum.

The easiest way to get an image is to go to the forum, right click the image in the gallery, scroll to properties, and look for Address(URL) in the middle copy that up to the image tag (jpg, bmp etc. you should be able to delete a anything after the file exension ) Replace the key variables incliding I such as |photo=http://forum….jpg