Character Sheet Template

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Character details

  • Name: Lianna Lee
  • Date of Birth: 5 May 2487
  • Place of Birth: Hera
  • Rank: Captain
  • Replaced by: [this history will become important as people swap or sell ships or lose them in card games]
  • Allied with: Browncoat
  • Unification War service: None
  • Family: N/A


  • Name: Trinity
  • Class: Kepler
  • Transport of cargo or passengers: Both
  • Hazardous Materials authorized: Yes
  • Chinese: No
  • Ship age: 0
  • Ship personality: Cooperative, to a point


  • Number- 5
  • Allegiance- Mixed
  • Morale- Good
  • Skills- Mixed


  • Is your character a good shot? Yes
  • Can she pilot? Yes
  • Companion training? No.
  • ranking in the Cortex when the game came out:
  • Loot crates:
  • BP:


Character/long bio Comments: (Include Episode number)