Captain Jefferson Bartholomew Frasier: "Fire and Fear" Chapter 01

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Fire and Fear

Chapter 1: Escape from Bryson’s Rock

“Tell me Captain… A lot of people name ships after their loves, interests, professions, however the name of your Sampan… any reason why the Enlightened Despot?” the officer asked coolly, a pen spinning in his hand. The Captain watched it intensely, brown bloodshot eyes moving with the pen. “Well, Captain? Why the Enl-““Do you remember any history from the Earth-That-Was?” the Captain interrupted, eyes now locked with the Alliance officer. “I know a bit.” “Then you may have heard of King Frederick II, also known as Frederick the Great. I emulate his strength. Perhaps the last man in existence to be able to single-handedly govern an entire kingdom and not screw up. And yet he is a despot. If he was a despot, we should all strive to be the same.” He said, unflinching, fingers stroking his beard. “And you believe that counter piracy is an effective tool to do such?” “I try and do my best.” He replied, shrugging. His eyes wavered just a bit. Two guards, not counting the Officer just across the desk. He’d have to time it perfectly, if it came to it. Surprisingly they didn’t take all of his weapons. They left a small revolver in his sleeve, a last minute option if he needed to. It seemed to eventually become that.

“What you seem to have forgotten is that the weapons you have aboard your ship to do the job are highly illegal. Not to mention out of the ten of the vessels you combated, one was an unarmed Kepler that just so happened to be carrying the Magistrate of Dyton.” “We never fired on them. We assumed they were pirates because we heard rumors of a red Kepler causing trouble in the Red Sun system.” He corrected. “Well, he said you were very rough with them, even hitting their vessel with yours. Face it Captain, you’re nothing more than pirates yourself.” His speech was interrupted as two silenced shots rang out, both Alliance guards behind the Officer hitting the floor with a groan. The Captain turned to the officer, grinning, revolver trained on him. “Well, I can tell you never read the file on me. You definitely would’ve had more guards, or at least restrained me. Well, good effort.” The Alliance officer stammered, hands in the air. “上帝在天堂, don’t kill me!” The captain grinned as he stood up, fixing his gray coat. He was 6'8", a massive man both in height and ego. “Say my name correctly, and I might let you live.” The Officer, confused, looks up. “Umm… Jeffery Bartholomew Frasier… did I get that right?” Frasier chuckled. “No, it’s Jefferson. Jefferson Bartholomew Frasier.” “Sorry… does that mean?” The captain swiftly turned around and shot the man three times and kicked his chair over. “Yeah, sorry about that.” He said, walking out the door to the sad little moon of Greenleaf, Bryson’s Rock.

It was day, hot and dry, just like most of the systems in which he frequented. Bryson’s Rock was almost an empty moon if it wasn’t for the Alliance garrison there. He pulled out a communicator and paged Zhou Fengti, his pilot. “I need an exfil in two minutes, how long till we are gears up?” In the background noise of the communicator a few shots and perhaps a scream was heard. “Get here. We’re going up. You owe me; they almost trashed the ship trying to find the shipment.” Frasier began a sprint towards the docks. “What did you guys do to get them off?” “Well, we had to create a distraction, Cap.” Frasier slowed down, sighing. “Please don’t tell me Bear got nekkid again. Rememb-““Please don’t bring that up.” Zhou interjected. “Bear distracted them by faking an engine emergency. Ruttin’ genius somehow did that remotely. Smoke and everything. Gave us enough cover to take them out. You close? I’m firing her up.” Finally the captain reached the red and black Enlightened Despot and hopped on board, panting. “Let’s get this puppy rolling, Zhou! We gotta talk to the Appraiser about our recent spoils of war!”

Jefferson’s Sampan flew off virtually unopposed, leaving Bryson’s Rock to set course towards the Heinlein system to Paquin, the latest hideout of the ubiquitous Appraiser. However, Frasier’s deeds did not go unnoticed. Two men stood in the interrogation room, a young lieutenant and a gristly colonel most simply knew as Colonel Sherman. “What in gorram hell happened here?” Sherman grunted, scratching his head. “Sir, it was someone by the name of Jeffery Frasier.” The lieutenant explained, kneeling to inspect the body of the young officer. “Send out a bulletin. Anyone knew what kind of ship?” The lieutenant looked up. “I assume Chase here did. But it’s too late for that, I guess.” The now infuriated colonel shook his head and pulled out a cigar. “This Jeffery fellow will be apprehended. You sure that’s his name?” The lieutenant shook his head in the affirmative. “Well then, we have a job to do.”

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