Big Damn Rumors and Events

From Our 'Verse

Current Events - Reported Happenings

Location Reference Reported Event
Border Planets: Non-stationary 05.22 A ship known as Busted Straight has been reported as hosting various unsanctioned gambling proceedings.

Rumors - Circulating

Source Validity Rumor
One Eyed Jack Kona Multiple Verifications Alliance Captain Argabright is paying for any information on the whereabouts and associates of Retired Chaplain Frey a.k.a. Sherpa. This is a non-sanctioned personal operation.

Background: Tracker for global (current events) or personal (rumors) based on the heuristic modeling. As an example, we start seeing a rise in crime in an area we can post it. If we see Alliance activity in an area we can post it. If Captain X, does something and wants it to appear slowly to the public such as information gathered, consider it as your captain goes to One Eyed Jack's and says something they overhear and now the information flow starts. You can post it about yourself or news to be spread as part of the rumor mill.